About Me

Welcome to Texan by Design. My name is Eric Bynum. I have run the business since its inception in  2019. While t-shirts is my main focus, I do work from time to time on other things.

This is my part-time job. My day job is molding young minds as a high school social studies teacher. I am also a bowler, bowling coach, and Ph.D. student at Liberty University.

I have lived all over the U.S. and even overseas for a few years in South Korea (no not military). I love to travel. Each summer I take students overseas to learn about new places and cultures. So far we have been to Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. And I have trips already planned for Japan and a return to Spain. On my own I have been to 17 different countries, with hopefully many more to come.

Normandy Beach

Standing on Utah Beach Normandy, France

 I am about half way through my Ph.D. through Liberty University. It is in U.S. History, which I already have my master's degree in. I love history and you will see some of that shine through in my t-shirts. 

While I was not born in Texas, I have lived here most of my life. And it will always be home to me. Every time I leave, I wind up coming back. And that is sort of how I got the name of my business. I am here by design at this point, and consider myself a proud Texan. There is just something about this place that I love more than any other place I have lived. Mostly it is the people, and I will still die on that hill that the nicest people are in Texas. This is the Motherland, and I intend to stay here as long as I can. So you can say I am a Texan by Design.

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